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With which version of acZoomIn the plugins are compatibles ?
The compatibility is downward, that wants to say that a plugin created with the version 3 of acZoomIn will be compatible with the version 4 and the next ones.
What are the differences between the Free Edition of acZoomIn and the commercial one ?
See the differences between acZoomIn Editions.
The files created with the Free Edition of acZoomIn are compatible with the commercial one, and vice versa ?
Yes, provided that you save your documents with text (xml) format and not with binary format.
What happens in case of new versions ?
If the version is a major one (one per year), you must renew your annual licence subscription to have the right to use it.On the other hand, the minor versions and hot fixes are free provided that your annual licence subscription is valid.
Which support type is included with commercial editions ?
The annual licence subscription includes the following support items:
  • The minors updates and hot fixes of acZoomIn and its plugins.
  • Technical support by email or phone.
Can I distribute (sell) acZoomIn plugins (created with SDK) ?
Yes, at the condition to have the right edition.
Can I install the commercial edition of acZoomIn with a Free Edition one, ie on same PC ?
Yes, but the installation paths of applications must be different.
Can you make a mandate for an acZoomIn tool (plugin) ?
Yes, you can contact us to obtain the desired information.
Where are the prices of acZoomIn licences ?
Please, contact us to obtain the desired information.