.Net & JQuery UI Controls
  • acDevLibraries.net

    Libraries for .Net programming for quickly building web, desktop and mobile applications.
    • acDevWBUIControls.net

      Mix ASP.NET with the power of JQuery thanks to our AJAX/JQuery controls.

      Includes more than 30 styled controls, like grids, navigation bar, dropdown, etc.

    • acWBHighCharts.net

      Library of ASP.NET AJAX Controls for Highsoft products.

  • acApplication3D

    3D Applications for viewing in direct and simple way complex data source.
    • acZoomin

      Scientifical visualization software in 3D.


      • Quick visualization
      • Easy to use
      • Extensible by plugins

External Plugins
  • acExternalPlugins

    Plugins for external web, mobile or desktop applications.
MFC & Controls
Tools on GitHub
acTelerikStylesAssembly and acTelerikStylesRenaming are now hosted on GitHub, more...
Documentation website updated
Update of the acDevSoftware documentation site, more...
New version planned of acSixSaferPay
New version planned of acSixSaferPay, v1.15, more...
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